Monday, 4 August 2014

Why Loiter Exactly ?- Devina Kapoor

                                                                                                  On a Sunday Morning,  when half the Mumbai was under the gin and tonic hangover, few girls (well few brave girls), came out of their houses, sacrificing their sleep.

Purpose? No No.. No purpose..

Oh Is it a big thing to come out without a purpose? Oh.. Only for girls.. Ya Right!

But why are they out then? Aren't they from good families?

Answer: To reclaim some spaces in the city.

Huh.. that..

"Reclaiming the spaces" or should we say "loitering"?
Well reclaiming the spaces sounds much better.

So ya, these handful of girls with a vague vision in their minds are out and spreading in the city.
You better watch out!
You want to know more? Fine I will tell you.

A Girl, well her name is "Neha Singh", you see the picture, she is the one lazing around. Well, ya, so Neha read this book called "Why loiter", (again please see the picture), recommended to her by her German roommate some six months back, which made a big impact on her, when the rebel in her processed the book, she couldn't resist to not to do anything about it.

What the book says you ask? well, here is the link to that.. go check it out, come back and read the blog. Why Loiter? (not promoting the book, but would be good if you read it)

So coming back, Neha kept thinking about the book and what good could come out of it.

So she called her friend, who also manages this blog for some brain storming and Neha came up with this idea of doing weekly session of why loiter. What to do in these sessions? anything you like, read, write, paint, play board games, anything and loiter.

Hmm.. how would that work out, manager of this blog thought.. well lets see.. she said.

WhatsApp groups were made, people were called, "love the idea" everybody said. 

Week 1: 3 people showed up. Neha, Me and Gurleen Judge. (ya her surname is Judge, don't get confused.) 

For more news on Week 1 and so forth, watch out this space. :) 


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