Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Week 2: When the Gardner rejected us- Devina Kapoor

Looking for a park
After the first week photographs, there was  a lot of curiosity among the people, to know more, to loiter and to get clicked. Message was sent to the Whatsapp group, and after a lot of excitement, again 3 girls showed up. Neha, Sukriti and the manager of this blog. We went to the same garden, with the beautiful grass and lovely flowers and of course awesome Anna for Dosa and Idli BUT to our utter shoc the Gardner rejected us to enter, can you believe that? 3 beautiful girls get rejected.


Well, because he thinks his grass will get ruined.
This dedicated Gardner has a back story, he very much is in love with his garden. His official timings are 10 am to 6 pm but he comes early morning and leaves late, he is basically obsessed about his plants and flowers.

Still looking for a park

Dejected we, left from there, heartbroken.

We went to 4 parks and I am not kidding, all 4 rejected us. Apparently most parks in Mumbai are open from 5 am to 10 pm and  5 pm to 8 pm ONLY. People (Girls) have to time their sessions.
Finally we went to this park in 7 Bunglows which was fortunately open (till 12 noon) and parked ourselves there.
We lazed around, played, talked to the gardeners. (who were friendly to talk to)

And the best part of the park.. There were swings, You must be thinking what is the big deal about it? Well.. just try this out, if you have not sit on a swing  for a long time, then please, just for my sake, sit on it and take the first swing and believe me, there would be a smile on your face, a big one, I am sure.
I know i had.
So if you are reading this, please go in the evening to a park and take a swing.

In our week 2 session, we enjoyed our swing rides and shared our meals with the gardeners.
The session ended with a long and suffocating metro ride.

Some pictures for your joy.

Finally a place to sit
Yay!! Park where we are allowed
More Swinging

Much More Swinging
Metro Ride

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