Friday, 29 August 2014

Cycling in the rains- Devina Kapoor

After immense co-ordination and calculations, 6 girls got up early morning on a Sunday and went cycling in South Bombay. Since I work in that part of the city, I was given the responsibility to figure out a shop that lent cycles on rent. Though I had cycled there earlier, I knew of one such shop, but I also knew that it would be open only in the evenings. Just Dial came to our rescue and I found out about this rare cycle shop.

We reached the shop at the designated time, only to find out that they didn't have cycles for women.. none.. And they were surprised to see girls that wanted to cycle..

Amir cycle shop with no cycles for girls

Losing all hope we were about to return, when a friend of mine called and said that  he knew of a shop that MAY rent cycles for girls. We reached "Happy Cycle shop" and grabbed 6 UNISEX cycles..

Happy Cycle Shop

Happy Cycling girls

So we started our cycle tour at the Gateway of India

Gateway and Girls

We cycled through Lion gate, Horniman circle and Asiatic Library

Lion Gate

Asiatic Library

Sunsaan Raahien (lonely roads)

 After this rigorous work out, we craved some good breakfast. What better choice than to head to an Iranian Cafe and to have Bun Maska and chai.

No Caption needed

Bun Maska and Chai

With Yazdani Owner

Spreading why loiter love

Rains, Bun Maska and Chai...and ice cream at Rustom's was the icing on the cake!

Cycling along the Marine Drive, a Cop asked us to cycle and stop posing for pictures (please it is important to click pictures when you are doing something this fun!)

And this is how we ended our Cycling session..

We are cycling again this Sunday in Bandra and want cycles, help us by spreading the word and join if you can.

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