Thursday, 7 August 2014

Week 1: There is always a first time- Devina Kapoor

Ocean of Grass 
So as you know from my previous blog that only 3 people showed up for the first session. The manager of this blog, Neha and Gurleen (ya her surname is Judge, so What!!). We parked ourselves in this beautiful park in Versova, just opposite Costa Coffee, (not the Nana Nani park, the other one). We came with the books we were reading, the text that caught our eye recently, talked about the play we watched lately etc etc.. lying around in the ocean of the lusty green grass, just gazing at the sky, listening to some music (portable speakers), we three kept talking for hours. Ofcourse, we had audience, people peeping in from the road (well ofcourse girls are not supposed to lie down in the gardens).

Our session ended with a wholesome meal by anna outside the park, dosa, Idli, and chai..

Also, there is a one really interesting story about the gardener of this park, to be continued in the next post.
Some pictures for your joy..

Discussing the text

Chai and Why Loiter goes together 
Neha lazing as usual

A book on "how to groom yourself" for teenagers- God save the world!


  1. I have been following your posts through a friend on FB. I applaud all of you for getting out and enjoying yourselves and of course bringing back the city. You are reminding me of the city I grew up in. Keep the pictures and posts coming!

  2. Thank you so much Ashwini...there is lots more coming up..also, if you want to send us your experiences as a woman accessing public spaces, please do write to us at

  3. I am all about loitering in public spaces and would love to share, but I don't live in India. If you still want me too, I will be glad to do so.

  4. Please do! We are open to stories of women loitering in public spaces from anywhere in the world, especially because most contexts, however different they may appear, offer similar experiences to women loiterers..(unfortunately)

  5. I will share something soon. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashwini, please send us your loitering story so that we can publish it on our blog. Waiting with anticipation.

    2. Will get on it asap! happens and takes over some times.

  6. The write-up is ready but how do I send it to you or post? Let me know. My email is