Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Freedom- Devina Kapoor

 67 years of Independence.. Wow!!


England:   Hail the Queen!!
                Oh! in your country there is no freedom?
                I have so much, why don't you take some from me?
                Store it because its very precious

India :      Thanks, I need it badly and will take very good care of it
                I will return you the freedom with interest
                We will use it carefully and in limitations

Coming years:

  • "Boys you all should study as you are the future of the country. Girls, you know we are just saving the freedom, its a loan and we have to pay it back. Hope you will understand."
  • "Ya ya.. my boy you can marry whenever you want and start family whenever you want but oh my poor little girl, I have to save the freedom as this is a loan I have to pay back."
  • "I got this new t-shirt for you son, it has your favorite WWF wrestler on it, Oh my baby girl, please don't wear such clothes, people would think you are not from good family and I still have to save that freedom and give it back."
  • "Loiter?? and my girl? No No, Mr. stranger, my girl obeys me and she would not go in public without asking me, I have told her that I have to work on budget and only one child of the family can use freedom which i gave it to my son. "

Oh Dear Queen! you please take the freedom back, because there is no way this country is free, at least one gender is not. The interest of this 67 years has been well saved and kept for you!

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  1. I find it interesting that there are more women prime ministers in Indian history than many other countries, yet on a personal scale there are still so many double standards. I mean, clearly the number of women leaders doesn't always correlate to how many personal freedoms women have, but it's strange that it doesn't. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this!