Monday, 6 October 2014

Because pictures speak louder than words...- Neha Singh

Why loiter? Mumbai Chapter approaches its fifth month of inception and with great pride and joy I share some of the images that we captured over our various beautiful days of loitering....

For those still unclear about what we do...we are a bunch of women in Bombay that meet up every weekend at a pre decided public space and just loiter. No purpose: no shopping, no waiting, no 'on my way' home or to work or to a party or to a dance class or to the, plain loitering.
Slowly trying to create a new mind space among men and women that a girl, without purpose, in a public space, is NOT a prostitute/slut/loose/suspicious/weird/inviting trouble/unsafe/rash/careless/to be protected/deserves to be raped/harassed/shown her place/rebuked/scolded/sent home/stared at/reported etc etc.

Inspired by the book 'Why loiter?' written by Shilpa Phadke, Sameera Khan and Shilpa Ranade, we were two to begin with and now over thirty women have participated in our loitering at least once, we are gaining strength, popularity and solidarity. We are cycling, walking, talking, playing, eating, sharing, reclaiming the night...

Here are some images from our loitering times

sharing a joke at a public park in Versova

Early one Sunday morning, it was pouring cats and dogs, and we decided to loiter at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Lazing around in a lovely park at Versova

chatting at the Fort gardens in Bandra....Sameera, one of the authors of Why Loiter? joined us

Juhu...past one a.m. ...nocturnal birds

sipping on cutting chai at a chai tapri in Goregaon...

Biking at Bandra

Stop over at a roadside cafe

If you are in Bombay and love loitering, or have been loitering and want to share your story with us on this blog, do write to us at


  1. Love these photos and what you ladies do!

  2. Wow I wish more women came out of their four walls to take time out for themselves.Each picture speaks a million words.So beautiful and proud of you Ladies.Keep loitering!!